Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OSX 10.5.7 improves cursor movements for NVIDIA Macs

The recent Mac OS X 10.5.7 update promises improved cursor movements for recent NVIDIA based Macs:

"Improves performance of video playback and cursor movements for recent Macs with NVIDIA graphics."

Mouse movement on the latest NVIDIA Macs (released March 3, 2009) have been described by many as sluggish, sticky and jittery. Several utilities that promise to improve cursor performance include, MouseZoom, iMouseFix, USBOverdrive (author's favorite: SteerMouse - $20)

This is a much welcomed fix to many who considered the NVIDIA Macs unusable. The mouse movement is so fundamental to the operation of a computer, it is surprising that such an issue would have made it to a commercial product especially coming from Apple.

Given the average lifecyle of Apple products is measured in the months, being hung out to dry with an unusable system for two months is not of no consequence.